FAQ These are frequently asked questions by our guests.

How do I become a member?
You must decide whether you want ownership or membership and buy the right. Information is available on our website. Go to Art Villas -> Membership & Ownership Information. Contact our Sales Sales Office (82-1588-4355) for details.
How much is the membership/ownership fee?
The fee varies depending on the size of villa and number of days and nights of annual use. Contact our Sales Office (82-1588-4355) for details.
What is the difference between membership and ownership?
The membership contract is based on a 7-year period. The membership fee is paid in a form of deposit which will be returned in full after 7 years. The ownership contract is permanent ownership whereby owners hold a real estate deed.
What are member benefits?
Go to Art Villas -> Membership & Ownership Information on our website, or contact our Sales Office (82-1588-4355) for details.
Can you reissue my membership card?
The membership card is only issued to Jeju Resort membership holders. Regarding loss and reissuance of membership card, contact our Membership Management Team (82-1588-4355).
I am a Jeju Resort member. What do I do if my address or contact number has been changed?
Contact our Membership Management Team (82-1588-4355). We will change the information after checking your membership.
How do I get to Art Villas?
Go to Art Villas -> Location on our website or contact Art Villas Front Desk (82-64-731-9000) for details.
What facilities do you have at Jeju Resort?
There are a total of 73 villa rooms and the Community Center has a swimming pool and restaurants. New facilities will be added in the future.
How do I make a reservation?
You can make a reservation online after checking room availability, or contact Art Villas Reservations Office (82-2-513-3800).
How do I make a reservation at Sky Hill Jeju Country Club?
Contact Art Villas Reservations Office (82-2-513-3800).